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Education is the best investment we see to uplift our society

Born out of the vision of Seyyid Twahirul Ahdal, the founder, Muhimmath envisages the transformation of students with an enduring intellectual and ethical growth. It aims to explore, expand, and preserve the rich Islamic tradition of knowledge, making it more radiant, productive and accessible to a large number of students from south India and beyond.

As an Islamic Institute with a difference, it brings up its community of students imparting humane values, a strong sense of commitment to the society, pioneering spirit and a refreshing capacity for positive changes. Convincing the community of great intellectual legacy of Islam, Muhimmath would try to restore them by methodically associating between the so-called mainstream education and knowledge born out of divine revelations.

Further, as it situates in a socially backward area in the northernmost part of the state of Kerala, it would champion various humanitarian causes of the community as a whole. Hence, it set multi-dimensional education as a weapon for them to shed off the signs of backwardness and make the way forward for a brightening future.



Throughout a number of academic and humanitarian activities that span across 33 initiatives, we represent the Islamic philosophy of education and universal brotherhood respectively. We truly understand the current epistemological crisis in the realm of secular academia and strives best to overcome them with a profound Islamic alternative. We believe that getting the young community to the system of education where modern and moral/religious streams of bits of knowledge meet up, in order lead them to a proper way of upbringing that could help a well-balanced existence of the world. Because, the genuine knowledge be it from any discipline would enable the learner to have gnosis of the fundamental fact of the being of the creator al Mighty, who is the fountainhead of knowledge and ultimate end of all human pursuits. Hence, we try to inculcate Adab, that represents a set of meanings and values that consists of decorum, decency, and humaneness, an exceptional characteristic of Islamic epistemic, as Imam Abuhamid al Ghazzali, 11th century Islamic Philosopher noted in his magnum opus ‘Resuscitation of Sciences of Religion’ (Ihya Uloomudheen). Therefore, as an institute situated in a multi-cultural, pluralistic society, we take the term to our heart and attempts to nurture a complete sense of Adab in each of our growing students.

As the holy verses noted, it asks the society whether the knowledgeable and those who are not thus are equal, implying the powerfulness of the former to make a huge difference to its current course. Therefore, the culture of education that we set as an ideal is the one that the Prophet of Islam reflected thorough his illuminative examples of enlightening the society of the Mecca in the 6th century.

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