Green Muhimmath

Championing the Cause for Going Green …

Muhimmath has promoted organic farming by launching numerous projects as markedly as the initiative ‘Green Muhimmath’that aims to be sustained in terms of cultivating all that it needs for its wider community. Situated adjacent to Muhimmath High School, the Green Muhimmath inspire the students and staff community to find their daily bread with their own hands. This organic farming proved to be enormously successful and remarkable with a number of awards from greater authorities.

Muhimmath Masjid

Situating at the heart of Muhimmath, the masjid serves as a place where all those at Muhimmath find their spiritual calmness with numerous types of devotions and kind acts. It’s a meeting point where the students, teachers and well-wishers of the institute assemble, worshipping Allah and seeking his bounties and blessings. Though a Masjid has been built at the very outset, it yielded many expansions as the growing number of students demanded them. It has become a beautiful view the students walking to and from Masjid for the five regular prayers at their traditional white dress code. Outside the Muhimmath Nagar, a number of Mosques have been built under the aegis of Seyyid Twahirul Ahdal in such areas like Shanthippalli, AKG Nagar, Kodimula, Peral Pttori, Pyvalige Kattathile, Kodak and Kemmad.

Muhimmathudheen Madrasa

As many as one thousand students from Muhimmath campus and beyond are learning their primary Islamic education at Muhimmath Madrassa, one of the largest of its kind in the district of Kasargod. Applying the syllabus of the Islamic Education Board of India, a host of well-trained Islamic teachers lead Muhimmathudheen Madrassa, the primary education system in a much effective way catering the basics of Islamic knowledge, core values and manners to the young minds. The result of the public examinations proves that it is functioning well producing greater examples for others to follow.

Muhimmath Community Hall

Muhimmath Community Hall is a multi-facilitated auditorium that serves as a better place for conducting public functions/gatherings of various natures in their well-arranged forms. Its facilities include a balanced dais, space for car parking, well-equipped rooms in two sides, long halls for reception and dining, kitchen with all major tools, sound system and prayer halls for ladies. In order to keep an Islamic culture in their programs, many well-wishers prefer this hall as a prestige. Situated in Shanthippallath, this hall becomes popular among the general public with its multifarious facilities and nearness to many important places.

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Muhimmath Network

Muhimmath conducts an online platform where news, concepts, and articles regarding cultural and social engagements of the public in general and those of Muslims, in particular, are being disseminated. With a number of research-oriented articles, and important news updates, the address has become popular not just among the Muslim community of Malabar, but those who want to learn more about the engagements of this specific community and originality of updates give priority to this network among others. With a success saga of more than 10 years of functioning, this virtual space of ideas worth sharing is pioneering a new initiative among the Muslim Institutes of Kerala.

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