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Muhimmath Campus Night View


Muhimmath is dedicated to serving the community through a variety of impactful social projects aimed at addressing the needs of vulnerable individuals and families. From supporting fatherless children to providing relief to the poor and marginalized, Muhimmath's initiatives embody a spirit of compassion, empowerment, and social responsibility.

Muhimmath Uroos Mubarak

Great Spiritual Gathering on the aniversal demise of Zainul Muhaqiqeen Sayyid Thwahirul Ahdal Thangal (Q.S) Ahl al-byt of the great Prophet ﷺ, Sunni Islamic Scholar and Social Worker as well the Indian khalifa of Tariqathu Rifaiyya. Great Muhimmath Uroos Mubarak of Zainul Muhaqiqeen Sayyid Thwahirul Ahdal (Q.S) held yearly in the holy month of Shaʻban.

Muhimmath Meelad Rally

Muhimmath Swanthanam encompasses a diverse range of charity projects designed to uplift the lives of the poor and marginalized in the community. From providing food and shelter to offering clothing, medical assistance, and educational support, Muhimmath Swanthanam addresses the immediate needs of those facing hardship. Through these charitable endeavors, Muhimmath seeks to bring hope, dignity, and relief to individuals and families in crisis, fostering a more compassionate and supportive society.