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Muhimmath Campus Night View


Muhimmath is dedicated to serving the community through a variety of impactful social projects aimed at addressing the needs of vulnerable individuals and families. From supporting fatherless children to providing relief to the poor and marginalized, Muhimmath's initiatives embody a spirit of compassion, empowerment, and social responsibility.

Muhimmath Home Care

Muhimmath Home Care is a compassionate initiative aimed at providing essential support to fatherless children in need. Through this project, Muhimmath offers financial assistance to ensure that these vulnerable children have access to education, healthcare, nutrition, and other basic necessities. By addressing the financial challenges faced by fatherless families, Muhimmath aims to empower children to thrive and realize their full potential, despite the obstacles they may face.

Muhimmath Swanathanam

Muhimmath Swanthanam encompasses a diverse range of charity projects designed to uplift the lives of the poor and marginalized in the community. From providing food and shelter to offering clothing, medical assistance, and educational support, Muhimmath Swanthanam addresses the immediate needs of those facing hardship. Through these charitable endeavors, Muhimmath seeks to bring hope, dignity, and relief to individuals and families in crisis, fostering a more compassionate and supportive society.

Muhimmath Ambulance

Muhimmath Ambulance is a vital lifeline for individuals facing medical emergencies. Equipped with trained medical personnel and essential medical equipment, Muhimmath Ambulance provides timely assistance to patients in need, transporting them to hospitals or offering first aid support on-site. This initiative plays a critical role in saving lives, alleviating suffering, and ensuring that individuals receive the urgent medical care they require during times of crisis.

Muhimmath Safe Home

Muhimmath Safe Home is a haven for elderly individuals who lack familial support and care. Here, residents receive compassionate assistance with daily living activities, companionship, and access to medical care as needed. Muhimmath is committed to ensuring that these elderly individuals live out their later years with dignity, respect, and comfort, surrounded by a supportive community that values their contributions and honors their legacy.

Muhimmath Community Hall

Muhimmath Community Hall is a multi-facilitated auditorium that serves as a better place for conducting public functions/gatherings of various natures in their well-arranged forms. Its facilities include a balanced dais, space for car parking, well-equipped rooms in two sides, long halls for reception and dining, kitchen with all major tools, sound system and prayer halls for ladies. In order to keep an Islamic culture in their programs, many well-wishers prefer this hall as a prestige.

Muhimmath News

Muhimmath conducts an online platform where news, concepts, and articles regarding cultural and social engagements of the public in general and those of Muslims, in particular, are being disseminated. With a number of research-oriented articles, and important news updates, the address has become popular not just among the Muslim community of Malabar & Karnataka, but those who want to learn more about the engagements of this specific community and originality of updates give priority to this network among others.